Andrew Sheret Ltd. -
This is one of my wholesalers. I often send clients to the "Splashes" showroom to shop for potential new fixtures and faucets. They are very helpful and always friendly...

American Standard -
American Standard is a good manufacturer of faucets in particular; their website is pretty helpful when you are window shopping around...

E-Tankless Water Heaters -
Tankless/Instantaneous hot water - I think this is one of the most exciting products on the market. In fact, I am so passionate about this progressive system, that it seems crazy to even consider the old storage tank system. Not everyone shares this view, so thoroughly investigate it first...!

Toto Ultramax Specs -
If I had the choice of any toilet on the market (which of course, I do!), which would I deem the finest and most worthy of becoming my personal throne?

Hands down, no question... the TOTO Ultramax.

* Exceptional quality
* Superior function
* Beautiful style
* Raving consumer reviews
* Worth the price!

BCIT Trades Discovery -
Interested In Trades?

Have a look through BCIT's online information for their Trades Discovery Program. It's a great place to get started for all men and women who are looking for exposure to many of the varied trades out there. It's a 20 week program with a three week job shadow opportunity in your area of interest. When you've completed the course, you are armed with basic certification and have scholarships available to help you with the next step.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who is intrigued by the trades yet not sure about which direction to head...
Good work BCIT!!!

DeWalt Tools -
My tool brand of choice...!

Shell Busey's HouseSmart -
Shell Busey is our Western Canadian Home Improvement Master! Visit his website to tap into his seemingly unlimited pool of expert advice and trusted opinions. His Referral Network will connect you with qualified craftsmen and trades professionals to help you with your home improvement project...

BC Hydro -
This is a fantastic resource for tips and suggestions on improving your homes energy consumption...

BC Recycling Hotline -
This Link is invaluable... check it out and evaluate your own home for possible improvements

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation -
I think Canada is just unreal when it comes to providing information for home owners, renters, renovators, and potential buyers. This website has more useful info than you could possibly imagine, so check them out for just about anything regarding your home, life, and health...

Georgia Strait Alliance -
I ask you to please read this newsletter which explains the process and shortcomings of our local sewage treatment facilities. If you live in Vancouver, North Vancouver, or Victoria then you live in a municipality that is choosing to devastate our environment. Part of the solution involves public awareness...

Georgia Strait Alliance -
I LOVE THESE GUYS! Feel free to lose yourself completely in the tireless efforts and information provided by the Georgia Strait Alliance. I wouldn't have time for plumbing if organizations like this didn't exist, so thank you GSA...

Earth Source Energy -
Have you learned about Geothermal heating and cooling for your home yet? Have a look at these guys, there is no other way to go! The benefits are enormous for your home, your bills, your comfort, as well as the earth...

Everything Else
the Pretty Plumber -
Lillian Baumbach Jacobs

The first woman Master Plumber - she became certified in 1951 and became known throughtout the world as the Pretty Plumber!

Read some great articles about her on the Baumbach family website...

Shift12 -
My fantastic website and graphic designer! Joshua is a very talented computer programmer and developer by trade, but the fact that I'm his wife allows me to tap into his bonus artistic skills... good score!

WaterCan -
Here's a charity after my own heart - implementing fresh water systems, sanitation facilities and maintenance education to the world's poorest people.

We can and will change impoverished nations forever!

This is a cause that with your help will have an immediate impact on global health and wellness...

Urban Revival -

An outstanding Home Staging and Interior Design Furnishings company located in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Jo and Andrea are truly gifted when it comes to bringing out your homes' finest assets, and as a bonus they also bring fun and ease to the process!

COOKING OIL is not a great thing to have going down your kitchen drain, but it's unavoidable at the best of times. How do you lessen the impact on your drainage? Add hot water and liquid soap to the oily pan and run hot water as you pour it down the drain. Keep the hot water running for 20-30 seconds afterwards...

not the most eco of solutions, but this is the best way to deal with smaller amounts.

This Link is invaluable... check it out and evaluate your own home for possible improvements

BC Recycling Hotline