What is the Pretty Plumbing Company? This is a new plumbing service and renovations company which offers services to, but is not limited to, today's modern housewoman!

Who is Pretty Plumbing, you ask? Why it's a fresh new project conceived, owned, and operated by myself - Mrs. Kristi Hansen! I am a tradesman qualified Plumber and Class B Gas fitter; don't quote me on this, but I believe I am one of eight woman plumbers in all of British Columbia!

My career in this field began in 1992 when my father bravely signed me up as an apprentice for his mechanical contracting company. Why bravely? Let's just say my experience involving power tools and swinging hammers was rather... limited. I've come a long way since those days, and have spent years providing Residential and Commercial new construction with our family operation on Vancouver Island. I moved to Vancouver full time in 2000, and joined with the Vancouver Aquarium as their new Systems Engineer. I have a long-standing passion for marine life, and was very excited at the opportunity to combine my plumbing career with maintaining and improving marine habitats and life-support systems. Following this, I moved on to broaden my experience in the Industrial realm, and signed on as a pipefitter in northern Alberta. This was an unusual step for me, as this field is extreme in it's physical and mental demands, as well as on the surface, seemed to conflict with my personal views regarding the environment. This project in particular was for a Weyerhauser pulp mill, which was undergoing extensive upgrades for environmental purposes. I was one of two women on a crew of several hundred men - I the pipefitter, the other a welder. I soon learned that I was probably the only woman pipefitter in North America that any of these guys have heard of! We came back to British Columbia in 2002, and moved out to the wilderness of Clayoquot Sound for an experiment in complete self-sufficiency. One year later, after a minor stint with a company who shall remain nameless, my husband Joshua and I came up with the brilliant idea of creating a new plumbing service company - by a woman, for the women (and men too!). The name came to us easily, as I have been accused of installing pretty plumbing throughout my career. I have been involved in renovations throughout the years as projects on the side of my regular work, so it was natural for me to include this along with the typical plumbing services.

It took very little time for the word to spread about The Pretty Plumbing Company and today we are proud to be precisely what we had envisioned! Together with my Cabinetmaker brother-in-law Gordon, and my Assistant brother Crispin, we all make up the lean, mean team that is The Pretty Plumbing Co!

  • to provide exceptional quality repairs and improvements
  • to empower homeowners with information and confidence
    ( i.e. to not be afraid of your own plumbing! )
  • to be honest and fair in all aspects of our business
  • to promote and provide environmentally responsible decisions, purchases, and practices

COOKING OIL is not a great thing to have going down your kitchen drain, but it's unavoidable at the best of times. How do you lessen the impact on your drainage? Add hot water and liquid soap to the oily pan and run hot water as you pour it down the drain. Keep the hot water running for 20-30 seconds afterwards...

not the most eco of solutions, but this is the best way to deal with smaller amounts.

My fantastic website and graphic designer! Joshua is a very talented computer programmer and developer by trade, but the fact that I'm his wife allows me to tap into his bonus artistic skills... good score!